Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 - the next chapter

So 2011 is done, and I've closed the chapter on a year of injury and false dawns.

Im still not fully fit, but am moving in the right direction.

this time last year, i was starting my preparation for my 2nd Ironman, felling strong and ready for a great season of racing. It's amazing what 12 months can do both physically and mentally.

Triathlon is all about dealing with challenges, and last year was no different in that respect. The challenges were with my body rather that against the clock.

I've certainly become a stonger person in being able to deal with the injuries and also the potential longer term challenges i will have with managing them.

From now on, i will have to stretch every day, and make sure that Strength and Conditioing become part of my weekly routine whether in a programme or not.

I haven't raced a triathlon in anger since 2009 (i did a 1/2 IM half heartedly in 2010!).

so my goals for 2012.....
  1. Regain my fitness and get my back ready for full time training - End of February
  2. Focus primarily on the bike for H1 - looking at Wicklow 200, Leinster Loop and some Sprint time trials
  3. complete a triathlon by the end of the season.
not the most lofty of goals, but i have to be realistic!

Lifes too short to be sitting on the couch feeling sorry for myself!


  1. The hard part is always just finding the starting point. You've done that now Jamie. Good luck with 2012, good to see you back.

  2. I race you after work :P
    Will you be racing at the tack on wednesday evenings? You should come, it's really fun and your Langster will love it too.