Monday, January 30, 2012

What have the Romans ever done for us.........

Week 4, and a rest'n'test week. Pretty much stuck to the plan, missed one bike at the weekend, as the weather was poxy. Mid week felt great, MTB on tuesday felt strong, solid spin and some great trails over Devils Glenn and Carrick.

The rest of the sessions were done on the Lemond Trainer... i'm enjoying the indoor sessions so much more since Santa delivered it. A couple of steady easy high cadence sessions mid week, and an FTP test at the weekend. Numbers were lower than i'd hoped, but at least now i have a benchmark to improve on!

CP5@300W, CP20@223W

You can see my pacing for both 5min and 20min intervals was way off, ideally HR and PWR lines should be parrallel, there is significant de-coupling here. Had i paced the first 5min interval better i might have also had a bit more in the legs for the 20min interval! Lesson learned for next time :-)
Finally i got my MRI scan done on Saturday, so am waiting for the results as i type!

Next week, Base2 Week 1 - 10.5hrs planned, lets hope the snow/ice doesn't interuprt the training too much!

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