Monday, February 13, 2012

Miami Nice....

Forgive me father, its been 2 weeks since my last blog.....

last week i was travelling with work to Miami for a conference, a very hectic schedule with little to no time to train! i managed 2 gym sessions (in the same day, Wed), and a very short spin 30km on Saturday, before the effects of the Jet Lag took over to ruin my Sunday!

The week before was a solid one with 9.5hrs on the bike, and 11.5hrs overall.

The back is certainly getting better, i'm able to drive to work in the mornings with no pain now (mornings are always the worst, as everything tightens up overnight!). I'm going to hit the pool for a short swim session on Thursday this week, just 15mins to see how everything feels.

The rest of this week is back to the program, Base2 - Week 3, with a target of just over 12hrs on the bike.... will be interesting to see how close i can come to hitting that, and a couple of hours strength / conditioning work.

Its great to see the lighter mornings and evenings starting to take shape, felt like a real hint of spring this morning driving to work!

Signing off for now.... Gonon!

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