Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hills... Hills.... Hills....

This week i was mostly climbing hills....!

at least that's what it felt like. Great weeks training, with over 10hrs of cycling and a couple of hours of strength work. I got back to the weights (proper weights, not fannying around) this week, 2 sessions. Legs were pretty sore after the first session on Monday.

Did a 2x20min hard interval session on the turbo on Monday night, @85%FTP, then a great MTB spin which took us over the summit of Carrick, and down the NPS downhill route. Lots of mud and great fun.

Wednesday another turbo session, this time 5x6min intervals. Thursday a rest day, manic in work, swim coaching and the New Members evening didn't make for much rest but hey!

Friday a really light 50mins on the turbo then a weekend of climbing.

Saturdays spin was arguably one of the toughest spins I've done in a few years, starting with Kiliskey, Slaughter, Shay Elliott then the climb into Rathdrum, fortunately one of the group had a technical on the last climb, so we bailed the final climb to aghowle and picked up the pace on some well earned flat road from Rathdrum to Wicklow. 70km and 1000m of climbing!

Sunday i met up with Mark and Beth, for an MTB spin over Carrick, we stayed out for 2.5hrs. Stunning weather, icy in sections but a superb day on the hills.

All in all a really solid week on the bike. 2000m of climbing! legs are pretty sore now.

Rest n Test week next week, going to move my FTP test to wed night, so i can ride with the club again on saturday.

Back held out well this week, missed a couple of stretching sessions, but will make up for them next week, as i'll have more time. Going to try the "Anti-Turbo" spin tomorrow evening!

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