Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lanzarote WTC Training Camp -

Day 1 report

A hot first day in Lanza, temps peaking at 28 deg on the fire mountains, and the Lanza wind didn't disappoint.

4 groups out

Bren and Liam were tearing up the mountains, with Dermo and Rob hanging onto their wheels. Moley and Rose did a solid tour of Femes and Timmanfaya, as did the sub10 boys (sub 10% body fat crew)..... aka the Mountain Goats....

and finally, last but certainly not least, yours truly and his posse... Bren and Amanda Mannix, Helen, Gaby and Deirdre clocked a steady 2.5 hrs.

all in all a steady day for most, as we accustom to the heat.

The afternoon saw most head out for their second session of the day, either a run or a sea swim.

Tomorrow we'll be upping the ante a little, target 3+ hours, and some more climbs, with a visit to the far side of the island to look at the surf.

All capped off with a couple of beers and an Irish win in the Rugby.... off for food now

check back tomorrow for day 2!
Day 2 - Lanza report

Hotter again today, with clear blue skies, and temps peaking at 32 degrees.

3 groups today, the mountain goats hit the North end of the Island for 100km of big hills (1600m of climbing), whilst the more sensible of us did a steady 80km - 3hrs 1000m of climbing.

the "Ladies who Lunch" group decided to get lost in Arricefe (after conquering Timmanfaya for the second day in a row) but all made it back safe n sound

and of course the day was rounded off by England beating Les Bleus in the rugby.

2 days down, 140km in the legs, and 1600m of climbing done so far.

tomorrow a slightly easier day as we explore the south end of the island, then its off to hit the big mountains on tuesday for a 4hr epic.

hope yer all enjoying the mild weather at home, and are all looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.....

Day 3 and the bodies are starting to get tired!

what was supposed to be an easy day today, still ended up as 60km and 850m of ascent, there's just no escaping the hills over here.

we rode over Femes (a nice climb, with a great 80kph descent) all the way into Playa Blanca, where we had an ice cream and a dip in the sea.

other groups took it easier today, with a steady spin around the middle part of the island. Everyone seems to be saving themselves for the big mountain day tomorrow.

once home a few did their sea swims, runs etc, and a quiet night tonight with some home made grub and perhaps a little vino...

tomorrow is when the fun really starts as we head North to the hills, we are planning on climbing the Tabayesco which summits at the top of Haria. A classic climb by all accounts.

so hope you all enjoyed your first day back to work today, good luck for tomorrow, tuesday is always the worst..... never mind we're having a ball
Day 4 - up them there hills

Another tough day in the office today, most of the group hit the mountains and up the Tabayesco climb. around 100km and 1400m of climbing. So well done everyone.

the sub10 boys did a couple of hours (with a 25% climb) and a hard run

thats 4 days on the trot now, 300km ridden and just shy of 5000m of climbing!

tomorrow a well earned rest day needed. 1hr of very light spinning in the afternoon maybe!

we're all out tonight to celebrate sending the savages home (Liamo and Bren), we can all relax a bit more from tomorrow
Day 5 was a rest day, the hair was certainly let down on tuesday night, and plenty of sore heads on wednesday.

having said that, a group (including the wife) got up at 7:30 (after 2hrs sleep) and ran a half marathon.... nutters!

a few groups did cycle, 3 of us did a very easy flat 20km, yup we did find a flat road!

Day 6 - More Hills and we welcomed back the famous Lanzarote Wind which has evaded us until now.

80km and 1100m of climbing today, the wind made it much tougher, and everyone finished up feeling the extra kick in the legs that a 40km headwind gives you!

totals so far

6 days - 400km, 5000m climbing and 16hrs of cycling.

Tomorrow is our last big day, the plan is 110km with 2 of the largest climbs on the Island, Mirador Del Haria, and Mirador Del Rio, The 2 big climbs from the Ironman Course.

some very tired bodies here now, with some people having ridden almost 600km in the 6 days so far!
Day 7

PLan for today was to do 4hrs in the hills, which everyone (except me and the ladies who lunch did)

I was finished, and knew it on the first climb, so turned tail and headed for home.

The rest did 4:10 and 1700m of climbing, in very high winds!

By all accounts a very tough day in the hills.

Day 8 - Final Day

Plan again, easy spin for coffee, (there really is no such thing here!)

2:30 ride, 800m climbing, 37 degrees heat and high winds again made for a tough spin!

so that's it my training camp is over!

In the end i managed
8 days on the bike
20hrs of cycling
Over 500km
Over 6000m climbing

most people did more, which is pretty awesome going!

have to say it, the more times i visit this island, the more i fall in love with it!

General consensus with the rest of the guys was that the camp was a great success, ideal accommodation, access to sea swims, and some of the toughest biking you can find!

i'm now on a well earned rest for the week!

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