Friday, October 12, 2012

back from the dead..... AGAIN

resurrecting the blog for the umpteenth time...

new focus for next season, and a new winter approach!

Now that i'm pretty much over my back injury which put pay to 2011 and the best part of 2012 seasons, i'm now in a good place to re-set the goals for 2013, and get into some serious winter training!

2013 Goals - 
IVCA Road Racing - I turn the big 40 next year, which means i can now race IVCA. Been wanting to do this for a good while now, as they have a great setup, structured road races and time trials. So my primary focus is Road Racing and Time Trailing next season.
1/2 Ironman Triathlon - I wont be hanging up my tri shoes yet though, i still plan on doing 2 1/2 ironman events next season, one early (possibly Tri-An-Mhi) and then if it happens, Ironman Galway 70.3.
Open Water Swimming - I'm targeting 2 swims a week from now (october), which will build me to a solid base for the OW swim season in June.

Specific race / training targets

Swim - i clocked a seasons best 400m this year of 5:35. (my PB from a few years ago being 5:23). So i'm setting 2 swim targets for 2013.

  • 400m Pool TT of sub 5:30, 
  • Complete the 5km Open Water champs in Lough Dan. 

Bike - I've been chasing the ever elusive hour for the 25mile for a few years, now i'm focussing on the bike primarily, my goal is to break the hour this year. Also my latest tested FTP is 255 (which is the highest ive ever tested, so a great sign!), target FTP for 2013 is 280.

  • Sub 1:00 for 25miles TT
  • FTP = 280 Watts
Run - I have to be realistic with my run goals this year, having had almost a year out. Consistency over the winter will be paramount, 3 runs a week, Mon, Wed and Fri, building from aerobic endurance to threshold race pace work nearer to season start. I would love to break 50mins for a 10km.
  • Consistency - steady running every week, minimum 2 runs
  • sub 50mins for 10km
Triathlon - Nothing too lofty for me, with the above Bike and Swim targets, i'll be happy with 2 solid 1.2 IM races. No time targets, just happy with my performance!

so that's it for this post... setting the goals!

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