Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Turbo Crazy!

Great week last week, 12hrs total, target was 14, but horrendous weather and a tired body on Sunday told me to take a rest day!

Bike - MTB Tue, 2hr Turbo Thurs and 3:40 MTB sat meant for another solid Bike week!

Running - 2 runs, totalling 2hrs,

Swim - Just the 1 swim this week, and 2 gym sessions.

highlight of the week was a great B2R turbo session, Eanna really knows how to keep you interested and awake on the turbo! ended up with 2hrs (longest ever for me), although it really didn't feel like it!

This week i'm on an easier week, i'm dropping the swim and gym sessions, and focussing on 5 spins +2 runs!

In Ballyhoura at the weekend, and have Mon and Tues off so will aim to get consistent week on the bike!

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