Monday, October 22, 2012

First big(ish) week

After a very solid block of preparation training, averaging 8-11hrs, last week was my first big week of training! My target was 14hrs!

Swim - 2 Pool sessions on Tue and Wed, clocked 6km! certainly felt it in the arms on the 2nd session, but a great start back to proper pool training!

Bike - target 9hrs, actual 8:48- pretty happy with that, very easy 45mins on the Turbo on Monday, then a 100min B2R turbo session Thursday, followed by over 3.5hrs MTB sat and around 3hrs on the road on Sunday!

Run - target was 3 runs, 2hrs total, only managed 2 runs and just under 90mins total

Strength - target 1hr (2 x30min sessions), managed 1x30mins session.

All in all a very solid week, Weekly TSS of 630 (ideally need to be above 700TSS for these bigger weeks!)

My CTL is now at 73.7, compared to this time last year at 58.5 is a great sign, my CTL then plummeted between Nov and Dec last year to 26.5 due to the back injury.

Also, my Monday morning weigh in came in at 91.7KG, so 1/2 kilo down on last week!

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