Monday, December 10, 2012

a little too much recovery!

so last week was supposed to be a recovery week, and i managed pretty much feck all!

one strength session on Tuesday, an hour of tag rugby on wed and a 2hr spin on Sunday!

is that what normal people call an active week!

still no excuses now, the body is well rested, and in need of some punishment now!

This weeks starts the build up of my 3 week Winter Training camp!

i'm off work from the 15th Dec till the 2nd Jan, so plan on getting a solid block of training in (mostly on the bike).

Week - 10th - 16th 
Swim = 3hrs
Bike = 6hr
Run  = 2hrs
Strength = 1hr
Brick = 2hrs
Total = 14hrs

Week - 17th - 23rd 
Swim = 3hrs
Bike = 7hr
Run  = 2hrs
Brick = 3hrs
Total = 15hrs

Week - 24th - 30th 
Swim = 2hrs
Bike = 10hr
Run  = 2:35hrs
Brick = 3hrs
Total = 17.5hrs

Should be well and truly need of a rest by then!

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