Monday, December 3, 2012

Roundup of the last 2 Weeks!

Another solid but unspectacular 2 weeks in the bank!

12.5 hrs and 14.5 hrs respectively!

Swim training starting to build momentum, not least due to my 39x100's birthday set on Friday last. all off 2mins in on av 1:33 so very happy with that. Arms felt good, bit of leg cramping at around 3km but it cleared after a few 100m!

Bike has been consistent, 17hrs in the last 2 weeks, been deliberately keeping the HR under 160, which has meant dropping back a group on my Club spins, but hey!

Run ok, averaging 2 runs a week, and i need to up that to 3 runs. However i've been doing trail runs once a week which is really helping my running strength!

so overall happy out, solid base mileage being done!

TSS Score for past 2 weeks = 630 and 675 (target for a medium week is 700) so getting close.

I have a recovery week this week, and i will be making sure i do just that!

then its into 3 big weeks over the Xmas period. I'm off work from the 15th, an am planning a 2 week Winter Camp over that time. Aiming to get 2 sessions per day, and over 15hrs each week!

Finally a snapshot of my PMC -

You can see i'm currently at 82 CTL with a target of exiting 2012 as close to 100 as possible. (note i entered 2012 at just under 40. This should put me in an excellent position to build on in 2013).

CTL levels per sport entering 2012, exiting 2012 ( as of Dec 3rd).

into 2012 exit 2012 Delta
Swim 2.3 7.4 5.1
Bike 31.6 52.2 20.6
Run 1.2 17.3 16.1

See ya next time, refreshed and ready for the last push of 2012!

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