Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a weekend of nothing!

Last week was always going to be a mixed bag, my plan had me down for 10hrs, its the last preparation week before i hit the main base phase. Mid week was fine, 2 swims, 3 runs including a nice night run in Devils Glen. 2 Turbo sessions and 2 strength sessions!

The weekend however was a very different matter, had an all day Stag on saturday, drinking (steadily, nothing manic) from 12noon until 9pm, and then onto an engagement party until 2am, meant Sunday was a total write off, the day spent stuck to the sofa watching rugby and other assorted crap TV programs

They say the odd weekend off does you good, i felt like i wasted 2 perfectly good days by not training, The stag was great fun though i have to say!

This week see's the start of the full programme to get me to Tri An Mhi in May! 
Base 1 - Week 1 - Target 11:45hrs, with a focus on longer runs as i build towards the 1/2 Marathon in Waterford on the 1st December.

signing off with the above photo, which makes me giggle every time!

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